Instagram Cuts Ties With InstaAgent Spy App

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Instagram, the enormously popular photo sharing and social networking web site was established in October 2010 but rapidly gained popularity, and by October 2012, had over one hundred million active users all over the world, based on Wikipedia.

Why is so popular? It appeared to eclipse Facebook in that, although a large number of pictures are also shared on Facebook daily, Instagram appealed to younger folks and the “selfie generation.” Additionally, users can be labeled in pictures, which is great for groups parties and group selfies.

Instagram also appealed to more serious picture fans. Arty photographs appeared on multiple feeds (with such broad areas as nature, children, traveling, sports, and obviously, food), the very existence of Instagram gave both professional photographers and first-time beginners a vehicle to express themselves through photography.) Their many picture filter selections within the program made it simple for even an amateur to be a photojournalist immediately.

Nevertheless, many programmers were disappointed lately when Instagram declared they’d be reviewing third party programs using its API due to an Instagram spy sort theft of passwords. As stated by The Inquirer:

“Instagram said on its programmer site it intends to review new and existing third party programs using its API in order to ‘set up a more sustainable environment built around real encounters on the platform.’ What this means is that users who post sandwich images to Instagram via third party programs may find that these are no longer capable to get the picture sharing service.

After Instagram’s new program acceptance procedure goes live on 3 December, the company will shun programs that pull in a total Instagram web feed, but will give the green light to programs which help users share their particular content and help brands comprehend their crowds. Programmers will have until 1 June to submit their programs. Instagram will supply a Sandbox Mode for programmers construction and testing programs while the review procedure is happening. Instagram is not going to accept any new programs until the brand new procedure goes live on 3 December.”

Is there an Instagram spy the programmers would like to fix? It is fairly possible. An extremely popular UK program called InstaAgent was letting Instagrammers to access individuals who were stalking their account. Post continues to say:

“News of Instagram controlling its API comes only a week after it was disclosed that Apple was made to pull a chart-topping Instagram client from the App Store for stealing passwords and distributing malware. InstaAgent, which has found itself at the very top of Apple’s most famous programs list in britain, promised to enable Instagram users to view the folks who’d been stalking their account.”

It appears that Instagram needs to reign in third party programs: whether it be a spy app like InstaAgent, or some program that will be spreading malware which could snitch users passwords, the social networking website responding immediately.

If you are interested in a mobile phone spy app, you do not have to worry about an Instagram spy like InstaAgent being shut down. Auto Forward is the modern mobile phone spy which can be set up on a goal phone. After installed, a user can simply see all pictures, videos, social media action (including all those Instagram pictures!), call logs, e-mails, internet browsing history and much more.

The programmers of any social media website are nicely ahead of the curve; it is their duty to do that. However there are alternatives out there, and a cell phone monitoring applications like Auto Forward can be a great option.